Summer is here early!

We have had some incredible days in Whistler recently. Very warm temperatures and cloudless skies has caught many off guard and there is a lot of red and sore people wandering around the village. I don’t know what the mercury rose to today, but it is 18:50 right now and it is still 24 degrees Celsius out there.

I worked late last night, however I managed to get up at a reasonable hour and headed out into the heat. First stop was the Frisbee golf course at Spruce Grove. 27 holes set in the forest between Lost Lake and Green Lake, it is an awesome way to pass time. It is a busy course and you often bump into a lot of people. There are some cool views of the valley, Green Lake and Rainbow and Sproatt Mountains.

One style of throwing the disc

Only armed with my Iphone and Instagram, I managed to capture a couple of ‘shots’


After a hot yet fun 2 hours wandering around the forest throwing terrible shots at baskets and poles I had time for possibly Whistler’s premier summer activity, mountain biking. I figured I could hit up the XC trails around lost lake and then have time for some of the trails around the Alpine Meadows area. The Lost Lake trails are roughly a 9.5km loop from my house around and shouldn’t take much longer than 30 minutes. Nice mellow blue level climbs and descents with a couple of tricky features for the more daring.

IMG_0989 IMG_0990

Today wasn’t my day. I got a flat tire about 15 minutes in and realized I hadn’t mended my spare tube the last time I had this happen so instead of a quick transition it turned into a lengthy rest. Not the worst place to be while mending a tire. Deep in a beautiful coastal temperate rainforest. Fortunately in the shade. After getting the wheel back on the bike, the rest of the ride was fairly smooth, well apart from one over the handlebars (OTB) incident. All in a days ride really.

Once the ride is completed a couple of options are available to get back to the village. One can either head back into the forest and ride some green level single tracks which link up with some more blue climbs and descents or head back along the valley trail next to the Fitzsimmons Creek for an easy cruise.

Due to my incidents we weren’t able to hit up the Alpine Meadows trails, however it was still an awesome way to spend a day before heading to a full night of work, hopefully preparing to do it all again tomorrow.


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