The Countdown is on!

Freight Train

Freight Train

Many people around Whistler are currently thinking “…less than a week to go…less than a week to go!”  On Friday (17th May) Whistler Mountain Bike Park will open for the 2013 summer season.  A lot of Whistler residents can’t wait for the winter season to be over, the snow to melt and for the biking season to commence.  For me nothing can beat an epic powder day however, I definitely can’t wait to get up into the bike park.  Having spent way to many $$$ fixing and upgrading my bikes, they are just about ready.  The XC bike is good to go and has been getting use, the DH is just a small wheel true away.


When the bike park opens it brings a lot of people into town.  Summer weekends feel just as busy as any winter weekend.  There seems to be a great vibe around the town.  Relaxed.  Chilled.  Festive.  There’s not many things better than a full, sunny, dusty day followed by one, maybe more beers on a hot patio.

Freight Train

Freight Train

Last season was my first season in the bike park and it was incredible.  I learnt to ride trails I thought would be impossible and although I didn’t escape unscathed (separated shoulder) I managed to keep the adrenalin levels extremely high for the majority of the summer.

Learning the trails...slowly

Learning the trails…slowly

Spending the 2012 summer in the bike park also gave me a chance to try and snap some action shots.  I didn’t take my camera up many days, however when I did the scenery and backdrops were incredible.

Top of the World rock roll with Black Tusk in the background

Top of the World rock roll with Black Tusk in the background

5 days! Stoked!


2 responses to “The Countdown is on!

  1. Good stuff, getting air and testing suspension. Nice shot of Tusk.

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