No Bike park…Oh well xc it is then

A little over a week ago I posted how stoked I was to get into the bike park.  Unfortunately, a part I ordered is taking longer than expected in the mail.  It is an important part.  My front brake.  The park has almost been open for a week and with all the lower mountain trails open it has been a wet, yet great beginning to the season.  So people tell me.

It’s not the end of the world however my xc bike is good to go and I have definitely had the chance to get out on it a few times.  The video link below is filmed on two trails called Golden Boner and Instant Gratification.  Steep and grinding service road to get up there but once you’re up, its all down from there.  Perfect.  My GoPro was on my handlebars so its a little shaky but one can certainly get the idea.


Day 1 in the bike park today. Stoked!!


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