A couple of falls never hurt anyone!

A lot of the high alpine hikes still have a decent amount of snow on the trails which means we have been restricted to the lower elevations when looking for things to do. That is not the end of the world however. Yesterday afternoon/evening we drove slightly south of Whistler to check out a couple of well-known waterfalls. It is absolutely ridiculous that I’ve been in Whistler for five and a half years and have never seen either Alexander Falls or Brandywine Falls.

Alexander Falls

Alexander Falls

The two are extremely easy to access. Alexander Falls is a short drive off highway 99 towards the Callaghan Valley and the Whistler Olympic Park. Brandywine Falls and Park is slightly south of Alexander Falls on the opposite side of the highway.

Brandywine Falls

Brandywine Falls

It had been a fairly slow day for me as I had participated in (and come last in) the Phat Wednesday races in the Whistler Bike Park. There will be more to come about these races in another post. After the races there is usually time to drink several beers on the GLC patio. The point is, Thursday started very slowly indeed.

Daisy Lake

Daisy Lake

Once finally moving and fed I managed to gather a small crew and convince them to come south with me to see the falls. We started with Alexander Falls. You can drive right up to the site of the falls and they are pretty impressive. It was a beautiful afternoon with a lot of sunshine. This actually posed a little problem as I want to slow the shutter speed right down to try and capture the movement of the stream however at that time of day it was just letting in a little too much light. Apparently the best time of day to photograph waterfalls and landscapes is around sunrise and sunset. That will take some determination that’s for sure. A few of the pictures turned out nicely though,

Alexander Falls - backup Alexander Falls 1 Alexander falls 2When we had exhausted ourselves standing around watching Alexander Falls, it was time to head to Brandywine. A short drive south and into the carpark, we prepared for the epic 500 metre hike to the falls. Brandywine Falls are completely different to Alexander Falls (I know that they’re both water traveling with gravity, I mean in the sights they offer). Brandywine Falls seem as though the Earth just sunk suddenly mid-river and the water was then forced to plunge to the pool a long way down.

Brandywine falls 5 Brandywine Falls 4 Brandywine falls 3 Brandywine Falls 2About 150 metres further along the trail there is an awesome view of the river flowing into Daisy Lake. That was worth the effort as well.

Daisy Lake

Daisy Lake

I can’t believe it has taken me over five years to see these fantastic sights however that’s all in the past now and I am glad I finally made it.

Brandywine Falls

Brandywine Falls


6 responses to “A couple of falls never hurt anyone!

  1. Suggestion: add Canada to your tags

  2. James, I was in Whistler for 10 days and made it to Brandywine Falls although my photos not as artistic as yours. Looking forward to a few bear shots. RIchard 🙂

  3. Your photos are stunning

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