Race Time!

We had a lot of plans for our days off this week.  Hiking and camping was the big one.  Then the skies unleashed and it very quickly saturated everything.  When we saw that the weather was to turn for the worse I wasn’t too disappointed because I could still have a bit of fun in the Phat Wednesday race.  I planned to race it early then head back up and try and snap some race shots before heading to the patio.  It was, however, too wet for the race as well and it was postponed.  I still went up and rode the bike park.  It was amongst the wettest conditions I have ridden in for a long time.  It was still incredibly fun.

Bike Park Patrol having some fun!

Bike Park Patrol having some fun!

DSC_0786 copy

Since I didn’t get the chance to get any material from either hiking/camping or biking I thought I’d use material from a Phat Wednesday event last year when they raced the Canadian Open trail.  I was out of action due to an injury sustained while biking and although the injury hindered my camera holding abilities I was able to get a couple of shaky shots.

DSC_0196 copy

DSC_0831 copyThe Phat Wednesday race series always draws a huge turnout.  Most Wednesdays throughout the summer a trail is chosen and roughly 250-300 riders race down with a rider starting every 30 seconds.  My general goal for this races is to survive and not to be overtaken.  The fee to participate is only $2 and that buys a race entry, a beer at the GLC and an entry into the draw prizes where anything from an incredibly fashionable Bud Light t-shirt to Rock Shox forks can be won.  The atmosphere is usually pretty awesome.

DSC_0331 Green Biker 1 DSC_0332 Green Biker 2

DSC_0391 Girl Biker 1 DSC_0393 Girl Biker 2

The photo’s posted today all come from the aforementioned Canadian Open race last summer.  The trail builders had been hard at work rebuilding and fixing the trail for the annual Crankworx festival.  There are some incredible riders that show up to race these races and this particular event saw downhill World Cup hopeful Steve Smith take the top spot on the podium.

DSC_0630 copy DSC_0692 copy DSC_0547 copy DSC_0528 Far away DSC_0750 copy

Hopefully next week the sun will be shining and we can get right back out there and of course, to the patio.

DSC_0726 copy


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  1. Amazing – can’t imagine doing this stuff

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