Mont Sainte Anne

This week I left Whistler for a couple of days.  I was fortunate enough to head over to Quebec and was able to have a look at Mont Sainte Anne.  What a place.  Sadly I didn’t have to much time there.  Just two nights and one full day.  I tried to pack as much into that day as possible.  This proved to be quite hard due to my ability to get lost and end up driving around in circles.

I stayed in the newly renovated Chateau Mont Sainte Anne (ChateauMSA) which is situated right at the base of the mountain.  Apparently, it was supposed to be a fairly short drive from Quebec City and the airport although I managed to turn it into an absolute mission as I very badly negotiated the highways and their exits.  I was informed by several staff after I arrived that it should only take about 30 minutes to the city.  I think it took me over an hour.  The hotel was great.  The rooms were really comfortable and very spacious.

On Tuesday I went exploring on foot at first, then a bit of cross-country biking and eventually after dinner I hit the roads again, got lost and saw an incredible sunset and massive waterfall.

Pre-Jean Larose

While on foot and following a little path alongside a small river, I was hoping to find a waterfall called Jean Larose Waterfall that the staff at Chateau MSA had told me was spectacular.  I did indeed find a waterfall and although it was very nice I wasn’t overly impressed as it didn’t seem that incredible.

Pre JL 3 Pre JL

After taking a few photos I decided to keep following the path to find out where it ended up and all of a sudden the ground dropped away and there was a waterfall that was pretty amazing.

Chute Jean Larose

Chute Jean Larose

Chute Jean Larose

Chute Jean Larose

Chute Jean Larose

Chute Jean Larose

Then it was onto a bit of biking around a network of trails near Chateau MSA.  These trails were a lot of fun, and although I was on the bike for about two and a half hours, I wish I had had longer to explore.

After an excellent dinner at the hotel I drove towards Quebec City as I wanted to check out Montmorency Falls which drops an impressive 83 metres.  Running with my theme of the trip, I got lost on the way there and arrived on just after dusk.  It was still an incredible sight.  En route I saw one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen.  My sunset photography skills are seriously lacking though and wasn’t able to capture the moment.

Chute M

Chute Montmorency

Chute M2 Chute M3 Chute M4

Mont Sainte Anne is an incredible place.  I definitely want to head back and spend a bit more time exploring the area.  It was the first time I had been to the eastern side of Canada, hopefully it won’t be the last.


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  1. Looks good, maybe you need navigation device. 🙂

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