Phat Wednesday – Schleyer

Scleyer drop pan

The Phat Wednesday crew chose a fantastic course on July 17th.  Schleyer an all-time Whistler favourite trail, into a fairly technical final descent down lower Detroit Rock City.

Blue Biker close up

Close up yellow norco

I was able to get up on course to practice my mountain bike photography before I raced the track.  My skills in this field are very minimal.  It is amazing that every Wednesday there is a great opportunity to shoot racers of a very high caliber.  Hopefully I’ll figure it out eventually.  If anyone has any tips or advice please feel free to comment.

Schleyer 1st Drop

Schleyer 1st drop 2

Schleyer 2nd drop 2

Riders of all abilities and ages show up to compete.  Some of the kids that race are tiny yet they absolutely kill it.

Schleyer Kid 3rd drop

All of these shots were taken on a wide-angle lens.  Next week I think I’ll go back to a regular zoom lens and try a different technique.

Rock garden 3

Rock Garden Center Drop

Rock Garden 2

Rock Garden left line


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