Cheakamus Lake

View from just past the 2nd campsite

View from just past the 2nd campsite

As mentioned in my previous post we went out to Cheakamus Lake a couple of weeks ago.  It is a really easy hike in and offers some pretty stunning views of the fast-flowing Cheakamus River and beyond that, there is the beautiful Cheakamus Lake.

CL refelction1

About an hour into the hike the lake begins and there are several campgrounds with outhouses and bear caches.  We decided to venture a little further and head to the end of the maintained trail where the Singing Creek campground lies.  It is about seven kilometres from the start of the trail and there isn’t much challenging terrain.

Tent stream Panish

It is a beautiful spot with a running stream and gorgeous views down the lake.  We decided to camp on a little beach so that when we woke up we would be greeted with some fairly decent views.

What a view to wake up to!

What a view to wake up to!

A pretty nice campsite

A pretty nice campsite

It was an amazing afternoon to relax on the beach.  I did manage to lose a flip-flop in the stream though.  It slipped off as I was crossing and shot out into the lake.  I attempted to swim after it, the water was ridiculously cold.  There is GoPro footage of my reaction, however I might keep that to myself as it is more than a little embarrassing.  Let’s just say I had to let the flip-flop go.

Stream 1

For dinner I had attempted to dehydrate some vegetable soup and some spaghetti bolognaise.  It actually worked out really well.  It was light to carry and after re-hydrating it tasted pretty amazing.

It was a pretty impressive waxing gibbous moon and the night sky was insanely clear and there were shooting stars below.  I practiced a bit of night sky photography with most of the shots turning out terribly, however I captured a couple of decent ones including my First Star Trail.Tent night shot 2

Tent site shooting star

I woke up pretty early, before sunrise, so I figured I may as well try to take some early morning shots.  I definitely need some practice in this area, actually I need some practice everywhere.

CL Stream 3

Close up of stream


All in all it is a hike that is definitely worth doing at least once.  Mountain bikes can now be ridden on this trail so it is a very easy day trip either on bikes or foot.  As an overnight trip I think it is worth heading to the far end of the lake to the Singing Creek campground as it seems to get less traffic.  Mid-week would see a lot less fellow campers as well.

Stream landscape

A great trip that offers incredible views without the difficult gradient that many other hikes in the area involve.


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