Phat Wednesday – Fantastic to Afternoon Delight

LWDH fadeaway panoramaAbout 10 days ago, for the Phat Wednesday on the 24th July, I took my camera up and tried to get some shots.  The course was a very fast and loose run down Fantastic-Lower Whistler Downhill-Afternoon Delight-Detroit Rock City.

AD #237 2

AD #459 2

AD #460 2

I took some simple shots without trying to much.  It was awesome to see some of the top riders flying through the technical sections.

AD #495

AD #495 2

AD Kovarik 1

AD Kovarik 2

AD Orange shirt

Afternoon D Yellow pants 2

LWDH fadeaway 2

LWDH Fadeaway 1

Berm Lake #jersey

AD #476 2

Afternoon D Yellow pantsI also tried to take some shots using the panning technique.  It was pretty tricky to keep my hand stable and move appropriately with the subject.  A lot of my shots saw the little trash can button pretty quickly, however I was happy with a select few.

#262 panning shot

Pink Top Blur

Giant Blur

Skilly blur

Skilling blurry


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