Sydney, Australia.

I have never been the biggest fan of cities.  I much prefer to be up in the mountains or in a forest or anywhere there is lots of nature.  However I must admit that I do love coming to Sydney.  It is an incredible city with some fantastic beaches, restaurants, pubs and bars and of course its  very stunning harbour.

C2S start

We touched down at Sydney airport on Saturday, went straight to an engagement party, had a few drinks, went to bed and woke up early Sunday to run the world’s biggest fun run.  The City 2 Surf is a huge event with around 70 000 people taking part to cover the 14km’s from downtown Sydney to Bondi Beach.  Some people take it very seriously, some people do not.  My goal was to beat my 60 year old father, which I did.  Although not by much.

I want to get down to the harbour to experiment with some cityscape style photos.  In the meantime last night I was able to sneak down to a little park close to where I am staying with a great view of Anzac Bridge.  I am still trying to get those sunset shot dialed so if anyone has any advice, please feel free to let me know.


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