Red Bull Joyride

It is arguably the best time of year to be in Whistler.  Beautiful weather, amazing athletes and huge crowds for the mountain bike festival Crankworx.  For about 10 days it is hardcore mountain bike action of all aspects.  Sadly I am not there to see it this year but there are some incredible photos at the Official Crankworx Flickr page.

Some fantastic downhill races, intense grueling  enduro events and best trick and slalom style events.

The big one that everyone waits for all week, it draws the biggest crowd by far, is the Red Bull Joyride.  It is an incredibly gnarly course that sees athletes throwing massive air and landing huge tricks.

I am devastated to be missing it, however fortunately we can watch it live.  The video below has a replay of the whole event.


I have also decided to move my blog from over to so that I can have a little bit more control over the site.  The url will remain  I hope that everyone will continue to follow my posts and as always I welcome any feedback or comments.


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