Monkeying around – Part 1

I am currently still away from Whistler visiting my home town.  The wind has been outrageous and wreaking havoc on my tripod so I haven’t taken many photos of my rural origins.  I thought I would take this opportunity to have a little flashback to a previous trip that I took in February when I was fortunate enough to make it to Japan for about 10 days.

Fence monkey

Sitting 1 While most of the trip was spent skiing the white fluffy stuff, some friends and I went to observe some snow monkeys doing their thing just outside Nagano.

Sitting Eating Snow

Walking 1The monkeys spend a lot of their time bathing in the hot springs and barely noticed several tourists wandering around snapping a ridiculous amount of photos.  I may have got a little carried away and will have to break this post up into two parts.

Fence monkey 2

Rope Monkey

Hiding monkeyPart two will most likely be a photo post with even less writing than usual…Stay tuned!





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