UK beginnings

It couldn't be London without these things!

It couldn’t be London without these things!

I have had a rather long hiatus from posting and figured it’s probably time I stopped making excuses and get right back into it.  During my month off, I have continued to labour through my marathon training.  I ran just shy of 25km which was not as bad as I thought it would be, so I am slowly getting there.  I have been studying, working and saw out the biking season in Whistler.

Currently I am in England, relaxing in a converted barn in the countryside.  I hope to get out over the next day or so to take a few photos around this area of Southwell.  Before I made it up here I had my first experience of Norwich which apparently everyone is so proud of it that they creatively gave it the tag ‘a fine city’.

The night skyline from the Shoreditch apartment where we stayed

The night skyline from the Shoreditch apartment where we stayed

Before that I had a whirlwind trip in London.  Catching up with friends, trying to fit everyone in was full on, however it was, of course, amazing.  We had a night out in north London, then a night in south London while staying in west London and finally a great day and night in east London.

Shoreditch Street

Building 123

Towards the end of this week I hope to cruise around the town and be a proper tourist snapping photos all day long.  I did manage to take a couple over the weekend.

Red Bus 2

This one stood out!

This one stood out!

Accordion playing at the markets

Accordion playing at the markets

Although I am happy not to live here and continue on in Whistler, I absolutely love visiting this country.  Walking through London, it is incredible to imagine the history that has occurred over time.  Imagining the people of many years ago in the east end, to the devastation of the wars and seeing incredible old architecture mixed amongst the new.


3 responses to “UK beginnings

  1. Nice to see you blogging again! Life is really a balance of all sorts of components .. Work, study, family, friends etc etc! Lovely London, North, South, East and West, sounds like you’ve done the rounds ! Have a wonderful time, love to all, rest assured all is well in hot , dry Scone xx

    • Thanks Richard. And thanks Di, it’s been great. Completed London, did most of Paris, now lapping up the sun in the English countryside. Australia does indeed look quite warm at the moment apart from the storms! Hope all is well

  2. Good pics, love accordion player.

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