Le poste final de Paris


Sunset from the Eiffel Tower

I won’t write too much about Paris in this post as I feel I have already written enough about the city for this trip in my posts; ‘Paris est à venir’, Paris est Belle’ & ‘A building or two in Paris’.   Most of the photos in this post are either (obviously) of the Eiffel Tower or taken from the ‘Tower’.

Eiffel from Cnr Blw signed

B&W Eiffel Tower signed

The Eiffel Tower is definitely one of the most visited attractions in the world.  In it’s time it has had over 250 million visitors.  It was built in 1889 and stands at 324 metres (1063 ft) tall.  It was also the tallest man-made structure in the world for 41 years.  It is certainly an impressive sight.

Tour Eiffel signed

City View 1 signed

Sacré Cœur de Basilica

Sacré Cœur de Basilica

As well as being blessed with an outrageously strong wind at the top of the tower, we were also graced with stunning sunset.  I attempted to capture it, although sunsets are one of my weak areas.  If anyone has any advice feel free to let me know!

Sunset from Eiffel

Sunset clouds

Sky and CityFinally, after we had visited the Eiffel Tower, it was on to the Arc de Triomphe, another one of the more famous sights in Paris.

AdT from ET signed

ADT Cars moving signed



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