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Getting there….

Once again it’s been a little while between posts. I could list all of the excuses however I am pretty good at finding them so it would probably take 3-4 posts to do that, I’ll just apologize once more and get on with it.

It’s been a pretty busy week, lots of work, a bit of biking, struggling through marathon training and a fantastic camping trip. I am still working on the camping photos and I’ll get that post up tomorrow.

In the meantime I will put up a couple of photos I took last week. We had planned to do a full photo day, slowly moving through the park and trying to get some cool shots all over the place. The weather was around 30 degrees Celsius and humid. As a result none of us could really be bothered doing anything. We did struggle through one run before the heat was too much. I was testing out my new camera and was still finding my way around it.

I am hoping we get a couple more sunny days so I can take it back up and shoot properly now I know my way around the camera a little more and the weather has cooled down.

Skilly UWDH

Stay tuned for my post on Semaphore Lakes. A great spot for a hike or an overnight trip.

***Marathon Training Update***

Today was the day for my weekly long run as I continue to prepare for the Seattle Marathon. There was a serious lack of motivation today for a number of reasons. The biggest deterrent was probably the torrential downpour that was occurring outside my window. The next biggest was the fact that I was looking at a 20.9 km battle. A text from my fellow marathoner pointing out that “…a marathon in Seattle, in December, is probably going to be very wet…” got me up on my feet and I when I realized that 20.9km wasn’t even half the distance I was training to run I figured I had better get myself out the door and into the elements.

In the end it wasn’t to bad, the rain kept me nice and cool. I hit a bit of a wall towards the end of the run but managed to struggle through it. I wish I could say I am looking forward to the long run next week.


Marathon Training

A view I better get used to!

A view I better get used to!

A couple of months ago it was decided that it was a good idea if a friend and I ran the Seattle marathon.  I can’t remember exactly how it came about.  Probably after several beers and well, after that pride kind of stood in the way of backing out.  I am now entering my fifth week of training.  It hasn’t been easy.  It feels like I am making very slow progress, however I have managed to get my long run distance up to 20 km so I am definitely on track.  I just need to keep on top of it.

It is a 16 week training program (prior fitness is apparently assumed) and the big run is on December 1.  It should be a pretty amazing trip as I have never been to Seattle and as a reward for (hopefully) completing the 42.2km mission we plan to buy tickets to our first NFL game.

Training so hard, even the dog can't keep up

Training so hard, even the dog can’t keep up

Great skies to run under in Scone, NSW.

Great skies to run under in Scone, NSW.

One great thing about the training so far is I have had the chance to cover territory with some incredible scenery as a backdrop.  I have run in Sydney & rural NSW in Australia and am currently back in Whistler.  In just over a month I will take the training (not the purpose of the trip) to the UK and Paris.  I’ll be sure to keep taking advantage of the quick 30 second breathers while I snap some Instagram worthy shots.

The closest I ever get to ever going inside a gym

The closest I ever get to ever going inside a gym

Ran past the Anzac Bridge in Sydney a couple of times.  Absolutely stunning

Ran past the Anzac Bridge in Sydney a couple of times. Absolutely stunning

I don't mind running towards this view at all!

I don’t mind running towards this view at all!