Bungee Bridge Night Sky

Bunge Bridge Last Wednesday was the full moon.  It was an excellent night to go camping as it was warm, dry and incredibly stunning.  We headed to a campsite near Hippy Lake just south of Whistler.  I wasn’t sure if I would be able to take a decent star trail as the stars seemed a little faint however, fortunately, it turned out fairly well.

Bungee Bridge Star Trial


Cut Yer Bars

CYB Roll Dale 2 signed

We have been blessed with some incredible weather in Whistler the past few days.  This time of year is amazing.  A great mix of people wandering through the village.  Skiers, boarders, bikers, hikers, you name it, they are all strolling about.

Checking Out CYB

A mate and I ducked into this awesome trail near the village and played around.  Cut Yer Bars is a short but fun trail with some fast fun descents, a couple of cool rock rolls and a little bit of pedaling for good measure.  It was a glorious day.

CYB Roll 3


CYB Roll

CU 2

Front On



Alta Lake Time Lapse

A little time lapse video of the star trail I took at Alta Lake the other night.  I am still trying to figure out how to keep the image sharp as I seem to lose a fair bit of quality in the image processing.

If anyone has any advice let me know!

Surprise Aurora

Change is in the air in Whistler at the moment.  The sun is out, the days are warming up and the snow is melting extremely quickly.  My thoughts have turned to biking and for the past week that is all I have been doing.

Work has slowed down rapidly and a couple of nights ago it was completely dead.  I decided to call it quits, grab my camera and head down to the lake as it was a fairly clear night.  A little bit of mist, fortunately not too much.

Alta Lake

My aim was to attempt a star trail and as I was playing around taking some test shots I noticed a very obvious green tinge on the camera that my eyes weren’t picking up.

Alta Lake Aurora

Alta Lake tree shot

Alta Lake Light show and Star Trail2 signed

Hopefully we get some more nights like this over the next few months.

Cloud Trail

The World Ski and Snowboard Festival has been and gone in Whistler.  Unfortunately I missed most of it as I left the country for a week.  The good news is I was gone to attend a wedding.  A fantastic wedding.  I was actually put into a suit.  Outrageous.

English House

While I was in Norfolk I experimented with a new photo technique.  I took the technique I use when taking star trails and applied it to clouds.  I was relatively happy with my first attempt and I cannot wait to play around with this more over the next few months.

English House cloud lapse

What do you think? Any comments, advice or ideas?

Star Trail in Chamonix

Awhile ago now, when I was in Chamonix in January, I wanted to attempt a star trail photograph in the French Alps.  Unfortunately the view towards the more dramatic peaks and the Aiguille du Midi was obscured by blowing snow.  So I aimed my camera at the only space in the sky that was clear.  It’s not perfect however this is what I came up with.

Balcons Star Trail

What do you think? Is it better in colour or black and white?

Balcons Star Trail B&W

What a day!

7th Heaven

Every now and then a day comes along that simply hammers home why I live in Whistler.  A surprise 32cms of fresh, dry, light powder and bluebird skies.  How can you beat that?  I suppose I should add that I got first tracks down several runs.

Hugh's Heaven