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Crankworx – Enduro & Garbo DH

I can’t believe Crankworx has come and gone so quickly.  It has been a few years since I have been in Whistler for this amazing mountain bike festival and it seems as though I spent all summer looking forward to it and it just blew by.  Although I was working long hours during the week, I did manage to get out and catch a couple of events.

I definitely haven’t got biking/sports photography dialed, but I suppose it’s all about getting out there and practicing.  So here are a few photos from the Canadian Open Enduro (Stage 2) & the Garbonzo DH races.

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Enduro Pics:


Garbo DH Pics:

I’ll try to get my photos of the always epic “Joyride” and “Canadian Open DH” events up asap!


Fantastic Phat Wednesday

Last week saw the fourth Phat Wednesday of the year in the Whistler Bike Park. As always my general goal is to ‘not’ be on the last page of the results. Sometimes I achieve this goals, sometimes I do not. Here is my race run from last week. Perhaps not the most exciting course but it was a lot of fun all the same.

Top of the World

A view from above

A view from above

The Whistler Mountain Bike Park certainly has a lot to offer.  A great deal of variety in the trails.  Steep, difficult technical.  Fast and smooth jump trails.  Trails full of wooden bridges.  Even green trails for the first timers.  One incredible trail that opened in 2012 is the Top of the World.

Top of the World

Top of the World

It is a trail that starts at the peak of Whistler Mountain and allows a biker the potential to descend almost 5000 vertical feet to the valley floor.

Entering the 'Top of the World'

Entering the ‘Top of the World’

Some mates and I went up for one epic lap last week.  We stopped at various places on the way down to take some photos.

Top of the World

Top of the World


Getting there….

Once again it’s been a little while between posts. I could list all of the excuses however I am pretty good at finding them so it would probably take 3-4 posts to do that, I’ll just apologize once more and get on with it.

It’s been a pretty busy week, lots of work, a bit of biking, struggling through marathon training and a fantastic camping trip. I am still working on the camping photos and I’ll get that post up tomorrow.

In the meantime I will put up a couple of photos I took last week. We had planned to do a full photo day, slowly moving through the park and trying to get some cool shots all over the place. The weather was around 30 degrees Celsius and humid. As a result none of us could really be bothered doing anything. We did struggle through one run before the heat was too much. I was testing out my new camera and was still finding my way around it.

I am hoping we get a couple more sunny days so I can take it back up and shoot properly now I know my way around the camera a little more and the weather has cooled down.

Skilly UWDH

Stay tuned for my post on Semaphore Lakes. A great spot for a hike or an overnight trip.

***Marathon Training Update***

Today was the day for my weekly long run as I continue to prepare for the Seattle Marathon. There was a serious lack of motivation today for a number of reasons. The biggest deterrent was probably the torrential downpour that was occurring outside my window. The next biggest was the fact that I was looking at a 20.9 km battle. A text from my fellow marathoner pointing out that “…a marathon in Seattle, in December, is probably going to be very wet…” got me up on my feet and I when I realized that 20.9km wasn’t even half the distance I was training to run I figured I had better get myself out the door and into the elements.

In the end it wasn’t to bad, the rain kept me nice and cool. I hit a bit of a wall towards the end of the run but managed to struggle through it. I wish I could say I am looking forward to the long run next week.

Phat Wednesday – Schleyer

Scleyer drop pan

The Phat Wednesday crew chose a fantastic course on July 17th.  Schleyer an all-time Whistler favourite trail, into a fairly technical final descent down lower Detroit Rock City.

Blue Biker close up

Close up yellow norco

I was able to get up on course to practice my mountain bike photography before I raced the track.  My skills in this field are very minimal.  It is amazing that every Wednesday there is a great opportunity to shoot racers of a very high caliber.  Hopefully I’ll figure it out eventually.  If anyone has any tips or advice please feel free to comment.

Schleyer 1st Drop

Schleyer 1st drop 2

Schleyer 2nd drop 2

Riders of all abilities and ages show up to compete.  Some of the kids that race are tiny yet they absolutely kill it.

Schleyer Kid 3rd drop

All of these shots were taken on a wide-angle lens.  Next week I think I’ll go back to a regular zoom lens and try a different technique.

Rock garden 3

Rock Garden Center Drop

Rock Garden 2

Rock Garden left line

The Countdown is on!

Freight Train

Freight Train

Many people around Whistler are currently thinking “…less than a week to go…less than a week to go!”  On Friday (17th May) Whistler Mountain Bike Park will open for the 2013 summer season.  A lot of Whistler residents can’t wait for the winter season to be over, the snow to melt and for the biking season to commence.  For me nothing can beat an epic powder day however, I definitely can’t wait to get up into the bike park.  Having spent way to many $$$ fixing and upgrading my bikes, they are just about ready.  The XC bike is good to go and has been getting use, the DH is just a small wheel true away.


When the bike park opens it brings a lot of people into town.  Summer weekends feel just as busy as any winter weekend.  There seems to be a great vibe around the town.  Relaxed.  Chilled.  Festive.  There’s not many things better than a full, sunny, dusty day followed by one, maybe more beers on a hot patio.

Freight Train

Freight Train

Last season was my first season in the bike park and it was incredible.  I learnt to ride trails I thought would be impossible and although I didn’t escape unscathed (separated shoulder) I managed to keep the adrenalin levels extremely high for the majority of the summer.

Learning the trails...slowly

Learning the trails…slowly

Spending the 2012 summer in the bike park also gave me a chance to try and snap some action shots.  I didn’t take my camera up many days, however when I did the scenery and backdrops were incredible.

Top of the World rock roll with Black Tusk in the background

Top of the World rock roll with Black Tusk in the background

5 days! Stoked!